Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Things Good

 So I got my hair done last night and it turned out exactly the way that I wanted it! My hair lady is seriously a creative genius and I wish I had her skills!!!

She did an A-line with red and orange AND re-did my feathers! Can anyone say awesome?! I am super stoked!
Last night was Taco Tuesday and we had about 15ppl over. Our house was packed but it was packed with ppl we loved so we didn't mind :) Tonight we are having our married friends Dan and Kassie over for dinner and we're having lasagna, french bread and salad! I am so excited to catch up with them and hear about their updates on life, new house potential and their baby! I haven't seen Kassie since my Wedding (which she was in!) and it is about darn time! I love having a place of my own where I can have peeps over and just hang out, it's truly a wonderful thing! Till next time, love you all :)

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