Monday, July 4, 2011

Beyond grateful...

Happy 4th everyone! Today is a day to be grateful for the many amazing freedoms that we have! And speaking of being grateful, there has been a recent chain of events that has made me EXTREMELY grateful.
I have been working at the same Cardiology office for 9 years and going to school part time in addition to working full time. My dream has always been to be a part of patient care and to eventually become an RN (Registered Nurse). For the past year I was able to help in the Back Office and train be a Medical Assistant until we developed more space for me to work in that dept. full time. I didn't care where I was, I just wanted to be able to have more interactions with the patients and to be closer to my field of interest. A couple weeks ago my Office Manager called me into her Office and said that the Doctor's voted me to be a part of our recently started Vein Department, Sonoma Vein. Of course I said yes! Last week was my first week of training and there is ALOT to remember. Despite my feelings of being overwhelmed, I knew that if this was where God wanted me, I would do my best. That alone brought me comfort.
My job entails many different aspects of a working Office. I'd be scheduling patients, dealing with insurance companies getting prior authorizations for procedures and most importantly, assisting with the many procedures that we do (Sclerotherapy, Laser DV Ablations, etc.) I will directly be working with the Doctors and patients to further understand this aspect of medicine and I am scared but excited.
I feel so blessed to be so believed in by the Physicians that I work with. It makes me more confident in not only the job that I do but in the values I believe in. I hope that in my work ethic that the staff  and patients see Jesus in me. I hope to exemplify the love that Christ did to us. I hope to serve those that are hurting physically and spiritually to share the truth of who Christ is. Please pray for me in these changing times!!!